Paper cups 200 ml

Coffee to go cups

  • Total capacity: 250 ml
  • Suggested capacity: 200 ml
  • Material: paper
  • Use: hot and cold drinks
  • Individual printing from 500 pieces
  • Print in CMYK colors
  • You can place QR code leading to your company website
  • We realise order in small series- from 500 pcs !!!

File with the graphics for printing send email [email protected]

How to prepare a file - specification Download template Obligatory cups marking from July 3, 2021
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  • from 1000 pc. - €0.21 €0.17
  • from 2000 pc. - €0.17 €0.14
  • from 3000 pc. - €0.12 €0.10
  • from 4000 pc. - €0.11 €0.09
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Your logo on the cups as a your company advertisement

Do you want to stand out and be noticed, do you want your logo to remain in the memory of regular and potential customers? Paper cups are the product for you. From today, your company logo and your brand will be visible. Order our coffee to go cups and you will see how many uses they have. Outdoor events, take-away coffee, seminars, conferences, concerts, special events, a paper cup with a logo is useful anywhere! This is a unique form of advertising, the entire surface of the cup is like a banner on which you can put any information and any message important to you, and the whole thing will not be intrusive because the user needs this mug primarily to drink. Therefore, you do not need to persuade anyone to take a cup with your advertisement with you, just offer a cold or hot drink. Opening a new store? You give your customers coffee to go cup, and they take this coffee with them and every passer-by knows about your existence. Isn't it great to have your very own personalized paper cups? You don't have to wash them, they are made especially for you, with your logo and slogan.

Coffee to go cups in a cafe and at a party

Virtually every coffee shop serves take-out coffee, to get it right, use paper cups! You can achieve a lot by using this simple trick. You have to pour the sold coffee into something, so it would be a shame not to use it. Coffee to go cups with a logo is just a packaging - a vessel from which the customer will consume the drink, on the other hand they are an effective advertising medium that will be seen not only by the customer, but also by all people who will pass by. An outdoor event, you are the organizer, but everyone focuses on attractions, you can shine by ordering coffee to go cups for your event company. Then everyone will know who is responsible for these wonderful events.

Show yourself at industry events

Business conference? Maybe you want participants to have access to data, but don't want to print folders? All you need to do is put the conference logo on the coffee to go cup and add a QR code with a link to the page where you can find all the necessary information. Everyone has a smartphone with them and can scan the link immediately, no one will make a mistake in the name and will not miss this information.

Do you participate in trade fairs? Do you want to invite guests to your stand? You can give them a drink in a coffee to go cup with a note where your exhibition is located!

Cups with a capacity of 200 ml with individual imprint

A 200 ml cup with personalized graphics is our standard product with the widest possible use. Coffee to go cups have been a hit in recent years. You can order it in any possible pattern, you can put every message on it. Paper cups open up many advertising opportunities and still fulfil a utility function.

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