About us

Paper cup can probably be considered as one of the symbols of our times - symbol of the dizzying pace of modern life and need of equally quick solutions. On the way to work, on a road trip, in a train or plane, during lunch break – we always have something in our hand - take-out coffee in a paper cup! An inherent element of our lives.

When designing a new product, we decided that the production process for our cups had to be lightning fast. It was the most important thing for us during planning. Now everything should be done quickly and the execution of orders must be "here and now". So your order will be ready for shipment in just 5 days.

We also took into account a very important aspect of caring for the natural environment, reaching for the best possible materials.

The printing is performed with a Xeikon 3500 machine with high efficiency and excellent quality. Our inks are food-safe and are approved for contact with hot drinks which ensures complete safety of our products.

Sometimes a sip of warm coffee or tea is enough to stop for a moment and appreciate the beauty of the world around us. Now, with our cups you can do it anytime and anywhere!