Paper cups 150 ml

Disposable cups - an excellent advertising medium

  • Total capacity: 180 ml
  • Suggested capacity: 150 ml
  • Material: paper
  • Use: hot and cold drinks
  • Individual printing from 500 pieces
  • Print in CMYK colors
  • You can place QR code leading to your company website
  • We realise order in small series- from 500 pcs !!!

File with the graphics for printing send email [email protected]

How to prepare a file - specification Download template Obligatory cups marking from July 3, 2021
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Disposable cups for your customers

Banks, hotels and shopping centres meet the needs of their clients. They often place a water vending machine within sight of their customers to help them when they are thirsty. A disposable cup is the perfect product in this case! Thanks to the personalization of the cup your company is strengthened in his awareness with a positive association. Disposable cups are a universal product, they are hygienic, they allow for self-service, because you don't have to ask anyone or ask for a drink. After use, they end up in the garbage can, so they facilitate customer service without the need to collect and wash dirty cups afterwards. On hot days, disposable cups will allow you to drink cold water, and in autumn, when a wet customer enters a shopping centre, bank or other institution, they will allow you to treat him with a hot drink.

Disposable cups in vending machines

Disposable cups with a capacity of 150 ml are the perfect product for the vending machines. How many students, thanks to coffee in a disposable cup, managed to keep their concentration during long lectures. Lecture centres and vending machines with hot drinks are the perfect combination. Students and lecturers do not have to worry if their throat gets dry during the seminar, because they have a disposable cup on their desk with a hot drink from a vending machine. Likewise in hospitals, medical clinics, car repair shops, beauty salons and all kinds of waiting rooms.

Non-pushy advertising on disposable cups

Considering the fact that disposable cups are indispensable when you want to make drinks, it is worth using their surface for an aesthetic advertisement of your company. When ordering 150 ml disposable cups, send us your graphic design, which may contain any elements, e.g. logo, advertising slogan, company colours, website address or a QR code, and you will receive from us ready disposable cups with your graphics.

150 ml of the drink, ideal for drinking at once

A disposable cup with a capacity of 150 ml is a very universal product in optimal size. It allows you to give the right amount of drink that you can drink at once, the coffee will not have time to cool down and you will not have to walk with water. Just stop by the vending machine, pour yourself a drink and drink it on the spot.

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